Hi, I'm Elen.

I love being outdoors, taking photos (obvs), travel, food, unexpected drunken nights with friends and pizza, a good strong panad (brew), finding a good bargain, food...did I mention food?

I miss having long hair.

I'm originally from Anglesey but now live in a little village just outside of Chester with my boyfriend.

I always find it weird when people can't pronounce my name (I mean it's not that hard surely?) . The easiest way to pronounce it is to just say the letters LN for all you non Welsh speakers. Or just call me El! I have English friends of 10+ years who still don't pronounce it correctly though so I won't hold it against you if you can't.

I suffer from a bad case of resting bitch face...I'm honestly really friendly even though my face wants you to think otherwise!

I've been fortunate enough to travel a fair bit of the world already but my ever growing bucket list means there are lots more places I want to see so if I'm not working, I'm probably planning my next trip somewhere.

Writing these things always make me feel awkward so that's enough for now. If there's anything you want to know, just drop me a message via my contact form!



“Oh my word Elen, I love these pics!! Brilliant!!! Thank you so much!! Can't wait to see the rest. They are brilliant and the way you worked yesterday was faultless! Thank you for making it great”